Tangled hair, and dreamy eyes
Why does everyone assume
They know what hides
Behind these curtains of surprise

Lost the days of true romance
Lost the days of lips to wound,
Hands to hold through wind and storm

Lost the hours,
Lost the breaths
When the slate was clean
With no regrets

To search now, for a land
To feel safe and proud and unafraid
To search, to find, to keep
To love, to break
To sigh real deep
To find that One
Before forever
you’re asleep.

I want to see something I’ve never seen before. I want to be so taken aback that I forget my own given name. I want to be not inspired but dissolved. I want one thing to penetrate my existence so that my universe is no longer just a box. But, then I realize, all it takes - is for me to change my perception. It’s up to me. I forget. We forget. We forget we are beyond this world.